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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management can be defined as the codification of knowledge. In organizations, much of the process and practice of getting things done exists only in people's heads. Putting this "tribal knowledge" into writing, particularly in a form that makes it useful and accessible to everyone, is a major element of knowledge management. This includes the creation of such knowledge elements as:

The most major challenge in such en endeavor is to get people to actively participate in the system. First, there is the hurdle of getting people to record their own knowledge; this is an obstacle, in part, because of the outdated perception that our value is based on what we know that no one else knows. Then, there is the hurdle of getting people to use the codified knowledge; useability is the main driver here: if the knowledge it too cumbersome to find and use, people will not bother.

The value of pursuing knowledge management can be seen in many ways:


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