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Solution Preparation

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A jacketed tank with a mixer is at the core of nearly every solution preparation.

Solution preparation is the process of creating a buffer or a cell culture medium. Solution preparation generally involves adding ingredients as liquids or powders to purified water or water for injection. Depending on how difficult it is to get the solid into the water, special mixing equipment can be required. The amount of material added is tightly controlled.

As defined in chemistry, a buffer is a solution that is fomulated with a salt to enable it to maintain its pH close to a specifc value, even when small amounts of acid or base are added to it. In biopharmaceutical manufacturing, the term "buffer" is generally used to describe any solution used in any purification step. Examples of buffers that do not actually buffer include sanitizing solutions, such as sodium hydroxide solution.

In the area of solution preparation, a media is a solution used to provide the liquid environment in which to grow the genetically engineered cells. This sort of medium can be either an undefined medium or a defined medium. Undefined media are composed of such materials as yeast extract; it is the undefined nature of this material that gives the medium is general name. Defined media are formulated using basic chemicals to provide exactly the elements and nutrients needed by the growing cells.

The same term, medium, is used to describe the material used in filtration or in chromatography.


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